Electrodes define any type of sources and receivers used in a survey.


rotation(azimuth, elevation[, deg])

Rotation factors for RHS coordinate system with positive z upwards.

point_to_dipole(point, length[, deg])

Return coordinates of dipole points defined by center, angles, length.

dipole_to_point(dipole[, deg])

Return azimuth and elevation for given electrode pair.

point_to_square_loop(source, area)

Return points of a loop of area perpendicular to source dipole.



A wire consists of an arbitrary number of electrodes.


A point electrode is defined by its center, azimuth, and elevation.

Dipole(coordinates[, length])

A dipole consists of two electrodes in a straight line.

Source(strength, **kwargs)

A source adds strength to a Wire instance.

TxElectricPoint(coordinates[, strength])

Electric point source.

TxMagneticPoint(coordinates[, strength])

Magnetic point source.

TxElectricDipole(coordinates[, strength, length])

Electric dipole source, two electrodes connected by a wire.

TxMagneticDipole(coordinates[, strength, length])

Magnetic dipole source using a square loop perpendicular to the dipole.

TxElectricWire(coordinates[, strength])

Electric wire source consisting of a series of dipoles.

RxElectricPoint(coordinates[, relative, ...])

Electric point receiver (point sampling the field).

RxMagneticPoint(coordinates[, relative, ...])

Magnetic point receiver (point sampling the field).