class emg3d.utils.Report(add_pckg=None, ncol=3, text_width=80, sort=False)[source]#


Print date, time, and version information.

Use scooby to print date, time, and package version information in any environment (Jupyter notebook, IPython console, Python console, QT console), either as html-table (notebook) or as plain text (anywhere).

Always shown are the OS, number of CPU(s), numpy, scipy, emg3d, numba, sys.version, and time/date.

Additionally shown are, if they can be imported, IPython, matplotlib, and all soft dependencies of emg3d. It also shows MKL information, if available.

All modules provided in add_pckg are also shown.


The package scooby has to be installed in order to use Report: pip install scooby or conda install -c conda-forge scooby.

add_pckg{package, str}, default: None

Package or list of packages to add to output information (must be imported beforehand or provided as string).

ncolint, default: 3

Number of package-columns in html table (no effect in text-version).

text_widthint, default: 80

The text width for non-HTML display modes

sortbool, default: False

Sort the packages when the report is shown