Everything related to meshes appropriate for the multigrid solver.


construct_mesh(frequency, properties, center)

Return a TensorMesh for given input parameters.

origin_and_widths(frequency, properties, center)

Return origin and cell widths for given parameters.

good_mg_cell_nr([max_nr, max_lowest, min_div])

Return "good" cell numbers for the multigrid method.

skin_depth(frequency, conductivity[, mu_r])

Return skin depth as a function of frequency and conductivity.


Return wavelength as a function of skin depth.

cell_width(skin_depth[, pps, limits])

Return cell width as function of points per skin depth.


Check provided mesh and throw a warning if it is not good for multigrid.

estimate_gridding_opts(gridding_opts, model, ...)

Estimate parameters for automatic gridding.


TensorMesh(h[, origin])

A slightly modified version of discretize.TensorMesh.

BaseMesh(h, origin, **kwargs)

Minimal TensorMesh for internal multigrid computation.