emg3d.fields.get_receiver(field, receiver, method='cubic')[source]#

Return the field (response) at receiver coordinates.

Note that in order to avoid boundary effects from the PEC boundary the outermost cells are neglected. Field values for coordinates outside of the grid are set to NaN’s. However, take into account that for good results all receivers should be far away from the boundary.


The electric or magnetic field; a emg3d.fields.Field instance.

receiver{Rx*, list, tuple}

Receiver coordinates. The following formats are accepted:

  • Rx* instance, any receiver object from emg3d.electrodes.

  • list: A list of Rx* instances.

  • tuple: (x, y, z, azimuth, elevation); receiver coordinates and angles (m, °). All values can either be a scalar or having the same length as number of receivers.

Note that the actual receiver type of the Rx* instances has no effect here, it just takes the coordinates from the receiver instances.

methodstr, default: ‘cubic’

Interpolation method to obtain the response at receiver location; ‘cubic’ or ‘linear’.


Responses at receiver.